In loving memory of Dolly Everett.

I began drafting this article some time ago but never got around to completing it. After hearing little Dolly’s story, my heart was broken. A sweet and innocent little girl pushed to a place where she felt there was no other way out of the hell that surrounded her. It scared the sh*t out of me as a mother and had me in tears and also brought back raw emotions of my own as I remembered those dark, unworthy and defeated thoughts. But, I was an adult, she was just a little girl. I needed to share this as a tribute to her.

Dolly was a 14 year old girl who was subjected to relentless bullying before she decided to take her own life. It’s hard to fathom that some people have the capacity to actively go out of their way to cause someone that much pain – a story enough to make you sick as a fellow parent or even just a fellow ‘good’ human.


There are not many things I hate in life, but this is of them! An eight letter word that for some reason is breeding popularity, has ended so many lives and even had me contemplating my own last year. When did it become cool to be cruel? Did I miss something? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

“Oh my god did you see what he/she was wearing? I’ll send you a screenshot”

“Why does he/she look/dress like that?”

“Did you see his/her instastory? How pathetic. Who does he/she think they are?”

“Omg they’re so ugly/fat”

“Oh god they need to eat – anorexic”

“He/she is so fake seriously, no one likes them”

“They don’t have anxiety, she’s just doing it for attention”

Now, it’s my turn to be a bitch – SERIOUSLY, SHUT THE F*** UP!!!

If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I get it you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s totally fine but there’s a big difference in difference of opinion to blatant bullying.

If you’re building friendships on tearing people down, there is seriously something wrong with you and your clique of friends. Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours any brighter!

And, I am not just talking school yard bullying, the bullying I have endured and witnessed as a 31 year old women and even as a mother is even more atrocious!!! Coming from people who are ‘meant’ to know better. The parent shaming, the name calling, the list goes on. Get your shit together adults, just stop – seriously just stop!

How can we expect kindness and acceptance from our children if we are not leading by example?

I have people that hate me that don’t even know me – go figure. Or people that think/claim to know me but wouldn’t have a clue what I am TRULY about. Some of my blog friends have hate pages created about them when people only know them through a few squares on a screen. Have we really become that insensitive?

If it’s become a trend to get together and rip someone to shreds for your own entertainment and ego then I’m here to be the trend breaker – I won’t stand for it! There are nbv humans at the other end of such hateful comments.

What happened to kindness and love? Do we really have to wait until someone takes their life to realise the implications of our actions?

It’s really simple – THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. And in this digital era, THINK BEFORE YOU POST, COMMENT OR WRITE! If what you have to say doesn’t add value, then DON’T say it. Stop the games, stop the shaming, stop the cryptic bullying posts, just STOP THE BULLYING. Or should I say, just STOP being an ASSHOLE!

If someone has bothered you, talk to them the old fashioned way and don’t just start an unnecessary hate campaign against them which can be easily avoided.

And if you’re watching/hearing someone else subjected to hateful comments, have the guts and loyalty to stand up for them even if it means standing alone – I do! It’s the people who have the courage to do this that will change the future for the better. But if we don’t stand up NOW and stop this ridiculousness, I truly worry what kind of future my children will grow up in?

Every human has the right to be treated equal and the buck starts with us.

Trade bitchiness for kindness because let me tell you something, kindness feels f***ng amazing! The look on someone’s face when you’ve helped them without expectation or given them a compliment is priceless and worth its weight in gold!

But be genuine, don’t just give a compliment then stab them in the back – be authentic and true to your word.

Say hi to strangers in the street, stand up for someone who doesn’t have the courage to stand up for themselves, exercise random acts of kindness and be a trailblazer for good in a world that’s trying to force you to be bad!

Let’s put an end to this pathetic and life threatening trend, let’s bastardise bullying – BULLIES BE GONE!

In a world where you can be anything, BE KIND!

So will the real people please stand up? *mic drop*

If you or anyone you know need crisis support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Or, if you would like to make a donation to Dolly’s dream, I have listed details below;


BSB: 035 313

ACC: 237623



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  1. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post!! Truer words have never been spoken. It makes me so sad to see some of the things that go on in this world and scares me to bring up children with such nasty people around. My wish is for everyone to grow up in a world free of hate where they feel free to be themselves and live their life without being put down or bullied. Kindness is free and more people need to remember this. Big love beautiful mumma xoxox

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