Click bait header right there – cheeky I know. Well, you know what they say, sex sells and this is important – so, please keep reading!  

Where do I start? Ellen. God, I love Ellen! We need more Ellen’s in this world – more dancing, more cheer, more love, more compassion – anyone else feel me? I don’t even know her but her authenticity and positive energy somewhat transcends through the screen. Did I mention Ryan Gosling was on there today – God, he’s gorgeous! *batters eyelids*. Focus Solonge, focus. All jokes aside, what really caught my attention was a segment with Ricky Martin speaking about the hurricane devastation in Puerto Rico – terribly sad. Together with my feelings of sadness for Phil’s cousin diagnosed with a brain tumour, my emotion following the breast cancer ball on the weekend, plus the tragedy in Las Vegas, it really got me thinking…   

Anyone noticing a lot of negativity around lately – lots of sarcasm, bitterness, passive aggressiveness and just general bitchiness? Definitely felt the need to write this article as I think all of us (including me) need a reminder from time to time.

As a society we have suddenly become quicker to judge others and for some reason have less tolerance than ever before. Our social media savviness, while good at times, has also made us lose our social morale and human decency and have left us thriving for lifestyles that don’t really exist (remember Instagram is people’s highlight reel). We sit behind screens and are quick to criticise people we barely know. Sure, we see a few posts and Insta-stories here and there – but do we really know this person? Or even if we do know them, how can we be sure they are comfortable being their true selves around us? I know for certain if I feel discomfort around people, I don’t show my full self.

What happened to the days when you could be yourself without fear of being judged? Must we become a generation of such hate?

Ever noticed often the people with the least are the happiest and most loving? Why is that? What can we learn from them? It’s simple, they are humble. It’s because their happiness isn’t attached to things or other people, it lies within them. They choose to see the best in every situation. Here was Ricky Martin giving food donations to hurricane victims and one man with a smile which lit up the screen, stood among some rubble which he called home and said, “I already have everything I need” – he had nothing.

Why does it take us westerners often near death experiences to realise the true meaning and value of life? And sometimes even then, we revert back to our old ways. Why do we walk around living in our heads instead of our hearts? Have we really lost our conscious?

Similarly, as I sat there on Saturday night and listened to the incredible breast cancer survivors share their stories, it really hit home for me – these two incredible women pictured in particular. Bec (left) candidly shared of her mother’s cancer struggle only to find out later, she too had breast cancer herself – absolutely devastating. Farrah (right) shared some of her other life battles and also how she received her heartbreaking breast cancer diagnosis the day after she birthed her baby. I mean is there anything more gut wrenching?

What really hit home for me though is when Farrah said she spent a lifetime thinking she would develop a severe illness and guess what she did. It’s a perfect example of that old adage – what you think you become. Focus on the good in life! If we are wishing this and wishing that, are we ever truly going to be happy? It was then that Farrah realised this and changed her life for the better, leaving her then husband and living a more happy and fulfilled life – you could see the transformation written on her face. 

Why do we wait for tomorrow to be happy? Once I get this, I’ll be happy. Once this person does this, I’ll be happy. That is not saying not to like nice things or not to love people but don’t make that you’re everything because things go out of fashion and people fail us. We can choose to be happy right now, embracing all that we are – our imperfections and perfections.

Why do we lose ourselves in order to please others? Bronnie Ware, a nurse who spent several years working in palliative care wrote a piece called ‘Inspiration and Chai” where she outlined the top five regrets of the dying and number one might hit home for you, as it did me. Most wished they had the courage to live a life true to themselves, not the life others expected of them.

And believe me, I get it, I really get it, that the outside noise can be so deafening at times. But, there is no better time than right now to start living the life you imagined and being the best version of you. And, I am talking about the REAL you, the raw, authentic and unapologetic you – only you know who that is. There is truly nothing more beautiful than that and when you do that, you will soon see just how freeing that feeling is from all the supposed obligation and all the expectation.

So, I need to lead by example – here is my pledge to all of you, that I am going to be unapologetically me, no matter what that looks like to anyone! And if you like it, I’d love you to stay and share more of my journey and if you don’t click unfollow because I don’t need your negative energy around.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to start living, live today – right now in this moment, live and love! Be you, be truly you, be happy, be truly happy and most of all do the things that make YOU happy irrespective of what others think. After all, tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us and today is the present therefore it is a gift. Each day is a new chapter of your life, go ahead make this chapter the best one yet, I dare you!

So much love,


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