I am often asked how I manage a makeup routine with a baby. There’s no doubting after having a baby, the time you spend getting yourself ready is almost non-existent, well minimised to say the least. This calls for a quick and easy makeup routine which still camouflages those tired mummy eyes!

The trick is picking the right products and not over complicating things.

A good palette with a few essentials is definitely key as well as a good brush set. I recently received my gorgeous ‘spring’ palette from Vera Coleski Makeup Artistry and her signature brushes – needless to say, I’m obsessed! The palette features two contouring shades, a blush and some gorgeous eye shadow shades to suit everyone.

Here’s how to use this and a few other of my favs to look fab just six minutes!

Prep your skin

Cut down your prepping time by cleansing in the shower. At the moment I am loving Arbonne re9 cleanser which keeps my skin supple and fights the signs of ageing.

After finishing my shower, I quickly moisturise my face, whilst still in my towel, to ensure by the time I am dressed, my skin is ready for my six minute makeover.

Breastfeeding has left my skin a little on the drier side so I have been using Arbonne Fc5 Nurturing Moisturiser which has worked wonders.

Build that base

This is possibly the most important step in the regime as it provides the canvas allowing all other products, which follow, to sit nicely.

Given my skin is currently drier than usual, I need a foundation with moisture. I absolutely love Napoleon Foundation stick and use this in a ‘Look 3’ shade. This provides a medium to full coverage – depending on how much you build it up.

I apply using my  Vera Coleski Makeup Artistry foundation brush, which ensures an all over smooth look.  I can’t stress how important it is to apply foundation using a brush. It not only gives a more even and smooth finish, but will make your foundation last longer.

napoleon-perdis-the-one-concealer-reviewThe next step is my best kept secret and definitely a God send for us tired mummies – The One Concealer by Napoleon (pictured left).

This peach/nude based concealer counteracts the dark circles under your eyes and blends in with almost any skin tone. I apply by rubbing the product on my pinkie fingers then blending together and dabbing under my eye (the same way you do an eye cream). This method of application assists in activating the ingredients of the product.

To set my foundation, I  lightly dust a pressed powder across my face. I use Napoleon Camera Finish and apply using my large Vera Coleski Makeup Artistry powder brush.

Brows baby 

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I believe brows frame the face and therefore spend the most part of my routine shaping my brows. I always use an eye shadow in lieu of a gel as I find it provides a softer, more natural look.

Stila’s ‘in the know’ palette has a shade that matches almost every brow colour and is a must have in any makeup kit.  With an angled brush, I apply the the ‘Earth’ colour in a line shape underneath my eyebrow and then do the same along the top of my brow but only from the mid section to end. I then use the brush on it’s side to blend the colour from the bottom up and give that natural look as seen below.

Contouring contour

Contour gives the face both definition and dimension and doesn’t need to be complicated like all those YouTube videos.

Using the darker contour shade on my ‘Spring’ palette, I apply basic contouring to the top of the forehead along the hairline and just beneath the cheekbone on an angle from the top of the ear down as pictured right.

Blush it up

I love the life and femininity adds back to your look. I use the gorgeous blush on my Vera Coleski ‘spring palette’. Its such a gorgeous shade perfect or day/hint with just the slightest hint of shimmer.

Apply blush from the balls of your cheek up toward the top of your ear. Blush should sit above your contour and fade as it progresses away from the centre of your face.You shouldn’t have any distinct lines or circles but rather blended nicely.

A little liner or mascara

Now, it’s your choice here whether you opt for eyeliner or mascara. As I have eyelash extensions, I don’t need mascara and therefore simply apply eyeliner to my waterline. Most eyeliners seem to run on me but I swear by Napoleon China Doll Gel Liner in ‘Equinox’.

On a side note, highly recommend eyelash extensions to all mummies – they deter from tired eyes and keep eyes fresh, even without any other makeup! If you’re in Perth, Hannah Crea Lash Specialist is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and one of the only few who provides Russian volume lashes.

Lovely lips 

There’s no denying I am a die hard fan of Kylie Jenner’s lip kits. The range of colours is simply perfection! I therefore completed this look with the’Literally’ gloss – perfect for everyday! Or if you like a bit of colour, Posie K is also a winner.

So, here’s the final look – what do you think? Not bad for six minutes I say!

Did you manage the look in six minutes?
What are your favourite mummy makeup secrets?


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