There’s something to be said about children and how we can be truly inspired by them. I never thought a three month old could have such an impact on my perspective of life, but my daughter, Alaia, certainly has and so have my nieces.

Each morning I watch Alaia wake up and smile as she looks around the room with complete amazement, as if she is seeing it for the first time. Time and time again she does the exact same thing.

I watch as she grows and learns new skills -the latest being grasping objects. She doesn’t give up but tries again and again until she masters it.

I admire how she is so warm to anyone and everyone. Not fussy nor judgemental but rather greeting them with a smile or giggle. Similarly, I observe my niece who is so loving and friendly to everyone without an inch of hate.

I then observe my other niece learning to walk. Each day, she clenches onto the coffee table or couch, pulls herself up and even if she falls, she tries again.

It got me thinking…why can’t we be more like children? It really is the simplest analogy but why can it be so difficult?

Like a child, why can’t we rise with excitement for each new day and be in awe of something new in the world around us? Why can’t we love one another without reason or expectation or judgement or prejudice? (I get it toddlers are a different kettle of fish, but you get my drift) Why do we give up when the going gets tough, but a child will persevere to walk? And most of all, why don’t we live fearlessly and passionately like children do?

My perspective has forever changed.

We have allowed ourselves to become so superficial and selfish full of competitiveness, jealousy, falseness and lack of moral – are we truly living or are we weighed down by the expectations of society and living in a certain way? We have limited our potential by the mental barriers we place on ourselves based on comparisons to others.

Social media has taken away our conscience. We sit behind screens and judge people based on their appearance or how we assume their life is. People have become faceless to us – we have become ignorant and cowards in our how we treat each other.

It’s time we got back to being real! It’s time to break the mould and stop being what society wants us to be and instead be ourselves – besides no one does you better than you!

With Monday looming, have the courage to wake up every morning and take on a new challenge, embrace new friends and go back to saying ‘the more the merrier’, love without reason or condition and above all never give up on your goals or dreams! Every day is a new opportunity to make a difference.

Just remember, when our time is up –

People won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.

Time to start having a positive impact on peoples lives but most of all, on your own!
Much love,


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